Avg of 14oz per package


Pasture raised chicken livers are very healthy choice for smart food consumers.  According to HealthMad, chicken livers are an excellent source of many vitamins, minerals, and health-boosters:


  • Triples daily value of Vitamin B12 which supports red blood cells and slows anemia.
  • Chicken livers are brimming with Vitamin A in the form of retinol which assists good eyesight.
  • High folate promotes fertility and helps protect developing baby.
  • Riboflavin supports health tissues and chicken livers are rich in this important nutrient.
  • Brimming with selenium which supports the thyroid.
  • High in niacin which fends off the disease pellagra.



Your adrenal glands will flourish with chicken liver which provides pantothenic acid.  Chicken livers support a healthy immune system.The high protein content promotes healthy hair, skin and nails.  The high phosphorus content helps keep teeth and bones healthy.


Pasture-raised, non-vegetarian-fed, worm-eating, bug-scratching, no-soy, no-GMO REVOLUTION CHICKEN.  This bird was raised how chickens are meant to live: outside, on grass, with room to forage.  This might very well be "The Best Chicken in the World", but will surely be the best chicken you have ever had.

Revolution Chicken Livers